Phos Privacy Policy

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This video game was made with Godot Engine by Timothée Danneels (started in dec. 2019).
Music : Eric Matyas (,

Phos does not contain advertising or trackers of your personal data. Phos uses your device's local storage to save data exclusively related to game saves. If you set a nickname in the Leaderboard, it will be published and visible to other users (internet connection required), tidann dev reserving the right to modify or delete it. Data relating to your score, your nickname and your IP address will be sent to a third-party server if and only if a nickname is defined in the Leaderboard section. This data enables the "Leaderboard" feature to work, and is used for anonymous statistical analysis purposes that do not relate to your identity. Anonymous data will also be collected if you use a coupon code in the Shop.

For any request contact Timothée Danneels at